A high-quality photovoltaic ribbon manufacturer
Focusing on solar photovoltaic modules
Production and research and development of tin coated copper strips
Photovoltaic packaging material supplier
Tailored and skilled
Strict production quality inspection management¡£
A trustworthy photovoltaic ribbon service provider
The company has many years of successful experience in photovoltaic ribbon welding
Sincerely looking forward to your cooperation£¡
Main Equipment Introduction:
Currently, we have 70 double line circular wire high Quick tin coating machine, 4 busbar tin coating machines£¬ Monthly production of 850 tons of welding strips.
Currently, we have 4 medium pulling machines, 30 small drawing machines, monthly production of copper round wire Approximately 600 tons.
Has won the trust of a large number of customers.
About Us
Anhui Tongcheng New Energy Source Materials Co., Ltdis located in Yingshang County, northern Anhui, the hometown of Guan Zhong, the "Number One Prime Minister in the World". Since ancient times, talented people have emerged in Yingshang, including famous figures such as Guan Zhong, Bao Shuya, and Gan Mao; In addition, with its advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation, it is only 168 kilometers away from the provincial capital Hefei, providing a good foundation for the company's development and growt
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Corporate Name£ºAnhui Tongcheng New Energy Materials Co., Ltd
Linkman£ºCustomer Service
Phone£º(0558) 456 8568
Adress£ºBuilding 16, Building 123, Intelligent Industrial Park, Shencheng Industrial Park, Yingshang County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province
(0558) 456 8568

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